Spirit of Harp

Cover On the Water

For intermediate and advanced players

During my many years teaching at international harp festivals and workshops I was very frequently asked if my music books were also suitable for the single action harp. As I was not always able to answer this in the affirmative, but being increasingly aware how many single action harp players live in German-speaking countries, I have tried to accommodate them in this present volume.

I was delighted to play these compositions both on the concert and single action harps, to switch between them and to experience the difference in sound and playing technique. Maybe you want to try this if you are fortunate enough to own both harps.

"Spirit of Harp" offers a wide variety of types of music with the unmistakable style of Monika Stadler.

The playing technique is ever evolving, and the music for the harp enriched beyond clichées. The inspiration derives from different moods, nature, meditation, Impressionism, Jazz and Tango.

You can play these compositions on a single action harp or a concert harp.


Also distributed by Musikverlag Doblinger.