Preseli Skies & African Reflections

Covers Preseli Skies & African Reflections

For intermediate players

This new publication for harpists at  intermediate level consists of two very different compositions for two harps (concert and single action harp), or a harp ensemble.

 “Preseli Skies” - a lyrical piece and “African Reflections” - more rhythmical.

It contains a full score as well as 2 separate sheets for Harp1 & Harp2.

Preseli Skies

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Preseli Hills in the Pembrokeshire National Park in West Wales, UK, as well as by the traditional harp music of Wales.

Imagine gazing up at the open blue sky, watching the movement of the clouds and  dropping into contemplation.

African Reflections

Inspired by  the sounds of the Kora and the Balaphone, two traditional instruments from Africa.

My intention was to write music for ensemble only. This cannot be played as a solo piece.

It experiments with different sounds: a cloth between the strings, hand percussion on the soundboard, and clapping. It has an African flavour and feel.

This piece does not require an advanced finger technique, but places more emphasis on rhythm.


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