Everything will be all right

Cover Everything will be all right

Following compositions from the CD "Everything will be all right" are available as single music sheets:

Die Birke
(The Birch Tree)

For advanced player

This piece was written as a commissioned work for the Northern Light project by the Brucknerhaus Concert Hall, Linz, Austria. Monika chose the Birch tree to represent Scandinavia, and as a symbol of Spring and new beginnings. Her inspiration was the interplay between sunlight, wind and leaves as well as traditional tunes from Finnland. It includes a beautiful classical cadenza.
Only for concert harp.

The notes are available in an extended version as an orchestral version for concert harp and chamber orchestra!

Hamabe no Uta (Song of the Beach)

For intermediate players

is one of the most popular and beloved Japanese folk songs. It talks about memory and reflection. Monika Stadler wrote this arrangement for this beautiful song for her second concert tour to Japan.

For single action and concert harp.

Die Birke (The Birch) and Hamabe No Uta are recorded on the CD "Everything will be all right" by Monika Stadler.