Between Earth, Sea & Sky / Fireside Dreams

Cover "Between Earth, Sea and Sky /Fireside"

For intermediate players

Monika Stadler´s 11th publication consists of two atmospheric compositions for two harps (concert and single action harp), or a harp ensemble.

  • Between Earth, Sea & Sky revisited
  • Fireside Dreams

Two compositions inspired by nature, the four elements, numerous walks along the coasts of Wales and Scotland, and a cozy winter's day.

Both harp 1 parts can be performed as independent solo pieces.
The book includes a score, harp 1 and harp 2.

For harpists at intermediate level.

Between Earth, Sea & Sky revisited

The concept of the Three Worlds pre-dates the more widely known classical four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Earth, Sea and Sky became especially relevant to me while walking along the wind-swept, wave carved coasts of West Wales and Scotland. This was the inspiration for this composition.
Meditative and rhythmical.

Fireside Dreams

Imagine sitting next to a cosy fire on a cold winter´s day and starting to daydream.

Lyrical, dreamy.


Between Earth, Sea & Sky revisited

Fireside Dreams, performed by the harp ensemble Harpiness from Lichtenstein.