Solo projects

"Monika Stadler's music lends new meaning to the word inspiring. She reveals her innermost to the outside, and in turn, enraptures, delights, and takes you into melancholy. At times extroverted, then again turning inward, she gives away beauty and joy. In short, Monika Stadler enchants you and creates moods that no one who truly listens can escape.“
(Herbert Uhlir/Head of jazz editorial - Ö1)

Monika Stadler performes various solo performances, e.g.:

"Between Earth, Sea & Sky"
"Away for a while"
"Spirit of Harp"
"New Shoots - Old Roots" - Program for celtic harp

She offers a program beyond clichés, combining elements of classical, jazz, world and improvised music in her unique style. It is her constant goal to expand the techniques of harp playing as well as to plumb the depths of the soul. In her own ingenious way, Monika Stadler combines the highest musical aspirations with technical brilliance.