Duo projects

Harp and Double Bass

Monika Stadler (Harp), Wayne Darling (Double Bass)

In all compositions by Monika Stadler and Wayne Darling a very personal musical expression can be found, as they weave together elements of jazz, world, classical music and improvisation.

Monika and Wayne push the technical boundries of their instruments while playfully rewriting the conventions of music.

Website Wayne Darling: www.waynedarling.com


Press releases

Program: "Scandinavia" - Samples

Scandinavia (M. Stadler)
Gone Again (W. Darling)
O tysta ensamhet (Swedish Traditional)
Intro: Waterphone Improvisation (W. Darling)
Snow Falls Silently In My Imaginary Garden (M. Stadler)
No One Can Stop Me Now (M. Stadler)
Broasted in Brockway (W. Darling)
Harp and Saxophone/Ethnic flutes

Monika Stadler (Harp), Sigi Finkel (Saxophone/Ethnic flutes)

Monika Stadler and Sigi Finkel have a special predilection for duo cooperation — Monika for example with Wayne Darling, Stefan Heckel or Franz Schmuck, Sigi with Mamadou Diabate, Christoph Spendel or Tim Richards, which are documented on both their individual CD's.

This new duo project was created at the suggestion of Dorly Kapeller on the occasion of a concert in Klosterneuburg. Since both the musicians and the audience were very enthusiastic about the collaboration, it was spontaneously decided to continue this project.

The programm contains only original compositions with etheric sounds found between African flutes, jazz improvisations and rhythmic harp.

Website Sigi Finkel: www.sigifinkel.com


1. Castor & Pollux (S.Finkel)
2. Desert Song (S.Finkel)
4. Djidja (D.Kone)
5. Life Goes On (M.Stadler)
7. I Still Love You (M.Stadler)
8. See You (S.Finkel)
11. The Final Song (M.Stadler)


Harp and Accordion

Monika Stadler (Harp), Stefan Heckl (Accordion)

Stefan Heckel and Monika Stadler are connected by a mutual interest in sound. They express this in real time compositions together.

Original compositions and unconventional interpretations of early music bring out the best in each instrument. Together they can sound like a whole orchestra.

Waltz, tangos, ballads, Scottish dances and fantasies are connected by improvisations in a flowing way.

Sound Samples

Composition by Monika Stadler, recorded at the International Accordion Festival Vienna 2013

Composition by Stefan Heckel, recorded at the International Accordion Festival Vienna 2013. 

Harp and Drums

Monika Stadler (Harp), Pasquale Leogrande (Drums)

Two very special artists meet. Harp and percussion — Heaven and earth become a harmonious whole.

Monika Stadler's innovative and soulful harp playing is perfectly complimented by Pasquale Leogrande´s sensitive and creative percussion.

Their concerts was enthusiastically received by the audience.
The program contnains mainly compositions by Monika Stadler with plenty of room for improvisation as well as jazz standards.

Website Pasqual Leogrande: www.universumcantat.net


Press release

Harp and Percussion

Monika Stadler (Harp), Franz Schmuck (Percussion)

Franz Schmuck

Website Franz Schmuck:


Indian Sunrise
Maho Bay
Rondo Naningo
Harp and Cello

Monika Stadler (Harfe), Günter Schagerl (Cello)

"Creative harp meets classical Cello"

Günter Schagerl


Song of the Welsh Hills
Harp and Piano

Monika Stadler (Harp), Veronica Luz (Piano)

"Soul moves senses"

Veronica Luz

Website Veronica Luz: