Song of the Welsh Hills

CD-Cover Song of the Welsh Hills

Monika Stadlers tenth CD

Extremely atmospheric compositions interwoven with improvisations. It is hard to distinguish what is composed, what is improvised? Harp solos alternate with various arrangements such as harp / cello, harp / accordion / percussion, harp / bass or harp / tube / percussion.

This is music for the soul. A journey into timelessness, into a quiet space.

Inspired by the green unspoilt landscape, pristine coasts and the mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park in West Wales. And also by the love of tango, by a Breton dance, by encounters with people and the idea of ​​zero gravity.

Songlist & Sound samples

1. Song of the Welsh Hills

2. Sunset across the Bay

3. Tango del Pasado
4. Deep within my Heart
5. An Dro
6. Flower Maiden

7. Thankful

8. Echoes of Childhood
9. Touching Moments

10. Zero Gravity

11. Destination Unknown

12. Coming and Going

13. Stonehenge Sunrise


Günter Schagerl (Cello)
Stefan Heckel (Accordion)
Ali Angerer (Tube)
Pasquale Leogrande (Percussion)
Harald Peterstorfer (E-Bass/ Percussion)


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Stonehenge Sunrise

Summer`s Eve = Sunset across the Bay