Song for the Earth

CD-Cover Song for the Earth

This is the fourth CD by Monika Stadler (Harp&Voice), featuring Georg Ludvik (Cello), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Double Bass) and Franz Schmuck (Percussion).

All tunes are composed and arranged by Monika Stadler, except "Rondo Naningo" composed by Deborah Henson - Conant and arranged by Monika Stadler.

Songlist & Sound samples

1. Maho Bay

2. After All
3. Travelling (On the Road)

4. Coming Home

5. Farewell
6. Spirits

7. I-Ma-Mai (Song for the Earth)
8. Urquell (Fountainhead)
9. Indian Sunrise

10. Without You

11. Rondo Naningo