New Shoots - Old Roots

CD-Cover New Shoots - Old Roots

"New Shoots - Old Roots" combines many different types of music, from traditional to world and jazz. It will convince your audience of the lever harp's great capabilities, and the easy juxtaposition of genres also shows how much themselves can have in common."
Jakez Francois (Director of Camac)

This CD was designed to accompany the music book "New Shoots - Old Roots" dedicated to the celtic harp. Therefore, the simplicity of presentation and production is deliberate, as well as in keeping with the essence and tradition of the instrument.

Songlist & Sound samples

1. Tribute To O'Carolan
2. Dance Of The Sandpiper

3. Lammas Games

4. With All My Heart

5. Irish Whiskey

6. Beltane Dance/Maitanz

7. Scandinavia
8. Schön, dass es dich gibt
9. Downstream
10. Away For A While

11. Monika's Blues

12. Beltane Dance (orchestrated version)