Flower in the Desert

CD-Cover Flower in the Desert

Monika Stadler's first duo CD with Sigi Finkel

This CD developed out of a preference for unusual duo projects. All tracks are original compositions of Monika Stadler and Sigi Finkel with improvisations influenced by jazz mixes with spherical sounds, emotions and African flair.

Songlist & Sound samples

1. Castor & Pollux (S.Finkel)

2. Desert Song (S.Finkel)

3. My Dear Friend Good Bye (M.Stadler)

4. Djidja (D.Kone)
5. Life Goes On (M.Stadler)

6. Lahore (S.Finkel)

7. I Still Love You (M.Stadler)
8. See You (S.Finkel)

9. Fast Ride (S.Finkel)

10. Tomorrow (M.Stadler)

11. The Final Song (M.Stadler)


Sigi Finkel (Sax/Ethnic Flutes)
Monika Stadler (Harp)
Special Guest: Djakali Kone (Kora, Vocals)


Distribution in Austria: www.lotusrecords.at
Distribution in Germany: www.galileomusic.de

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