Diary from Within

CD-Cover Diary from Within

Monika Stadler's first duo CD with Harald Peterstorfer

Of the many encounters in our lives, only very special ones have the power to nourish our soul.
This is exactly what the new album "Diary from Within" by Monika Stadler (concert harp & vocal) and Harald Peterstorfer (harp guitar & additional instruments) is about.

The fact that the music was created spontaneously, improvisation in it´s purest form, is what sets it apart. This requires a very deep musical relationship and a common vision.

A pleasantly flowing and contemplative music from the heart.

Includes music by Monika Stadler & Harald Peterstorfer for the documentary film „Rendezvous Marchfeld – 700 Jahre Zeitreise“ by Mag. Anita Lackenberger und Gerhard Mader.

Songlist & Sound samples

1. The Awakening

2. The Near inside the Far

3. Joyful Ride
4. Peace

5. So Crazy

6. Reprise

7. Anatolian Night

8. Too Late!

9. Secrets of a Plum Tree
10. Lonely Lament
11. Tears Flowing

12. Call to the Wild

13. Peace over the Summits

14. Week of Wonders


Monika Stadler(Concert harp, Vocals)
Harald Peterstorfer (Harp Guitar, Nylon & Nashville Guitar, Ogur sazi, Fretless Bass, Flute, Percussions)