Between Earth, Sea & Sky

CD-Cover Between Earth, Sea & Sky

Between Earth, Sea and Sky contains music inspired by nature, my tour in Scotland in 2006, the beautiful mystical island of Iona, and finding the love of my life.

This is a Solo harp CD.

Songlist & Sound samples

1. Dance of the Sandpiper (Tanz des Flussuferläufers)

2. Siesta Triste

3. Drifting Leaves (Treibende Blätter)

4. Carmen Vernale
5. The Old Nunnery (Das alte Frauenkloster)
6. With All My Heart

7. Invocation to Water (Anrufung des Wassers)

8. Introspection
9. The Last Light

10. Gebetsmühle (The Prayer Wheel)

11. Between Earth, Sea and Sky
12. Lammas Games
13. Frühlingsfeen (The Faeries of Spring)
14. Winter Solstice Dawn (Morgendämmerung zur Wintersonnenwende)

15. Postcards from Within (Postkarten aus dem Inneren)

16. Schön, dass es dich gibt (It's Wonderful that You are There)
17. Invocation to Water (Reprise)
18. Momentum Perpetuum
19. Zen Garden