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"My music is very personal, an expression of my soul, my spirituality, my womanhood. It is a kind of inner diary, springing forth from my being, springing from my connection with nature, from flowing, from feeling."
Monika Stadler about Monika Stadler

"...In all her totally different compositions this highly gifted harpist succeeds in delivering an ideal performance..."
Deutsche Zeitung

"Monika Stadler ennobles the harp to become a fascinating solo instrument.."

"Monika Stadler turns the harp into a totally new instrument. Makes it come alive. Frees it from trying to appeal as some sort of musical embellishment or tacky background music. I was not the only who said – utterly astounded – "I've never heard anyone play like that!" when I first heard her…"
(Erika Pluhar, author / Austrian author)

"…I have rarely heard music that touches the heart and the soul so directly…"
(a fan)